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We are a group of concerned scientists. We care about our natural environment and keep a critical eye on all matters related to environmental change. Admittely, our main passion is forests and biodiversity. 

After a longer while of silence we are back. Yes. We are. 2022 is like a spring year. So many things are happening. So many things are going awry. COVID is kind of endemic now. War in Ukraine. Global energy crisis. Climate change. Biodiversity crisis. Deforestation crisis. Food crisis. etc etc etc. So many things need to be documented. And now, the CoPs are back. Climate change CoP in November. CITES CoP also in November. Biodiversity CoP in December...Hence, we resume with the blogging. Or at least, we give it yet another try.

--28 October 2022--

New Blogs, year 2022 (well, even if the year is almost over...)

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CITES seizures (29 October)

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